PNOE breath analysis

We are happy to announce that you can now book metabolic testing using the PNOE breath analysis device with us.

PNOE Metabolic Testing provides a precise analysis of your metabolic, cardiovascular & respiratory function. The precision of these clinical grade tests provides a foundation for workout & nutrition plans that help you improve your body’s efficiency, no matter if you are a professional or amateur athlete who wishes to improve your results or if you are just interested in loosing weight, becoming fitter or understanding more about your body.

Our offer includes:

Resting Metabolic Test on site

1. Resting metabolic testing to assess your body’s energy needs at rest. The detailed report includes your daily caloric needs both at rest and when training, your body’s efficiency at burning fat vs. carbohydrates and an assessment of your metabolism (slow vs. fast).

2. Active testing to indicate any limitations according to your metabolism, cardiovascular health and respiratory efficiency. Running and cycling are the most common modalities for this test but others are possible depending on your needs and possibilities. This test also includes spirometry in order to provide precise results according to your lung capacity. This test also provides you with a detailed report including 9 parameters, accurate heart rate zoning for training and suggestions for your training program.

3. Endurance testing meant for experienced endurance athletes. This test includes longer intervals and can help you find any limitations that are currently impacting on your results.

All testing includes a 30 minute consultation to discuss the results/report. This consultation can be done in person or via zoom (screen sharing must be possible).

Testing is possible for individual clients or groups/sports clubs. Please contact us for an appointment on site or planning a test day at your facility.

In case of respiratory limitations, we offer packages that include initial testing, 8 weeks of individual breathing development sessions and retesting after 8 weeks. Contact us for more info!