Clearly, breathing is one of the key factors in human performance and yet developing the biomechanics of the respiratory mechanism has only recently gained more attention from researchers and athletic coaches.

We have been working with amateur and professional athletes for several years and can proudly say that we are among the first to develop techniques based on MDH Breathing Coordination and to conduct case-study research on its effects in different sports. This field is constantly evolving and we are happy to be collaborating with leading breathing experts all over the world. We can help you find your optimal breathing for any athletic activity because:

  • Our goal is maximum efficiency with minimal effort, avoiding “blood stealing”
  • Oxygen saturation is optimized when the system is well coordinated
  • Regeneration times are shortened due to higher efficiency
  • Excessive tension in the ribcage is reduced in order to allow for optimal mobility
  • Nasal breathing training is more effective when the respiratory structures are well coordinated

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