Barbara Tanze

Barbara Tanze was born in Munich and grew up in Germany, the USA and Switzerland. She has been living in Slovenia since 2006.

Barbara graduated from the Conservatoire de Lausanne HEM in Switzerland with an M.A in vocal performance and vocal pedagogy in 2006. She has many years of experience as a soloist on the opera stage, as well as in concert singing and acting for different productions around Europe, which she still continues to this day. She has been teaching singing and diction in private and public institutions since 2004.

She earned her Level 1 degree in Breathing Coordination after the principles of Lynn Martin and Robin de Haas (MDH) in 2014 and has been an advanced certified practitioner (Level 2) since 2016. In addition to her extensive studies of MDH Breathing Coordination, she continuously completes other training programmes, such as the Foundations in Myofascial Release and Laryngeal Massage by Walt Fritz, the Neuro-Vocal Method by Meredith Colby, the Art of Breath program by Brian Mackenzie and Rob Wilson (to which she became a contributor in 2019) and the Skill of Stress training by Emily Hightower. Barbara Tanze was appointed to be the external consultant for functional anatomy and breathing coordination by the Modern Vocal Training Institute based in Malaga, Spain and has contributed to the online anatomy programme of Vocal Health Education.

Other collaborations include workshops and seminars for the Ultimate Artists programme in London, UK, the Pacific Opera Company in Sydney, Australia, the State Opera of South Australia in Adelaide, Australia, the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, the World Voice Teachers Expo in Poland as well as online and the ArSensei masterclasses for young musicians in Slovenia. She has given lectures for BAST singing teacher training as well as Vocology in Practice and regularly delivers workshops in schools, kindergartens and the corporate environment.

In addition to her work with singers, Barbara has been pursuing extensive research in the field of optimal breathing for athletes and the effects of efficient Breathing Coordination on athletic performance. She has been working on breath mechanics, CO2 tolerance training and nasal breathing development with amateur and professional athletes as well as Olympians since 2016.

Continuing her education to deepen her understanding of the human body, Barbara joined a 3-year training at the Academy of Manual Therapy in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2021.

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