Breathing: the Basics – Pressure Management with balloons (Next date TBA)

Many singers and speakers know those issues: running out of breath too quickly, experiencing difficulties to sustain a longer note or phrase, using too much or too little pressure in order to produce sound… often, this can result in vocal fatigue or even vocal injuries.

In this 90 minute live webinar, we will explore pressure management or what is often called “breath support” or “appoggio” with the help of simple party balloons.

Please have a standard size latex balloon at hand for this class!

Together, we will explore:

  • basic functional anatomy of breathing and voice
  • the basic physics of this process
  • the importance of dealing with subglottal pressure in a balanced way
  • visualization and awareness exercises

The group size is limited to 10 participants. All webinars are delivered via zoom. All times are CET (Central European Time)

The price per person is 25 EUR.

Next available date: TBA

This is a recurring event, please write to if you are interested, but can’t attend this time and we will let you know about the next possibility.