Fine-tune your inhales

An interactive exploration for singers of all musical styles

Inhales are a big deal for singers, no matter which musical style we perform in. We need to get enough air, but not too much, create stability in a very flexible system and at the end, we would like to hear the sound we intended to make and be able to sustain phrases of variable length. In this, we always seem to be looking for the “right” inhale, but does that even exist? Or do we actually need a variety of inhales depending on many factors like time, pitch, intention, intensity?

In this workshop, we will explore different ways to inhale and how to match them with different situations and song lines. We will discuss:

  • What happens mechanically for different inhales
  • Slow vs quick inhales
  • How to add drama to your inhales in a healthy way
  • How to match your inhale to different pitches
  • Different phrases from popular songs and the challenge they pose
  • Simple exercises to create awareness and stability

The class was live on Wednesday, September 21st, 2022 and is now available as a recording. Duration: 70 minutes

Price per person: 15 euros

I’m happy to answer any question you might have via email!