Laryngeal massage

Many singers and speakers know the feeling: the day of an important event or performance, there seems to be a “frog” in one’s throat, some may experience tightness in the neck or the jaw area and this can lead to anxiety or an increase in stage fright.

Others may be fine before an event, but can experience symptoms of tightness, pain or other discomfort in the throat after an extended period of vocal use (after a concert, performance or speaking event).

Laryngeal massage is a specific manual technique that aims at reducing excessive tension in the neck, throat, jaw and tongue area. It can help to unlock laryngeal disbalances and help with swallowing disorders as well as vocal issues.

Before extended vocal use (as in concerts, speeches…), laryngeal massage can help to find a balanced and optimal muscle coordination in the vocal tract, jaw and tongue. It is used by many international artists in order to prevent vocal fatigue and injuries. Laryngeal massage is also a great way to restore balance in the vocal structures after prolongued and intensive use of the voice.

Barbara Tanze has followed training in laryngeal massage with Walt Fritz and has obtained her certificate in July of 2019.

You cam book your in-person session of laryngeal massage with Barbara here.