PNOE fitness test

PNOE Metabolic Testing provides a precise analysis of your metabolic, cardiovascular & respiratory function. The precision of these clinical grade tests provides a foundation for workout & nutrition plans that help you improve your body’s efficiency, no matter if you are a professional or amateur athlete who wishes to improve your results or if you are just interested in loosing weight, becoming fitter or understanding more about your body.

Given the flexibility and mobility of the device, it is possible to adapt the modality (which sport is tested) and intensity to each person’s individual needs and level od fitness. Testing will give you invaluable insight into several areas of interest:

  • Aerobic health
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Respiratory capacity (measured with spirometry)
  • Respiratory capability (how efficiently you use your capacity)
  • Breathing and stability
  • Breathing and cognition (how your brain performs at higher intensity)
  • Metabolic efficiency
  • Fat burning efficiency
  • Mechanical efficiency
  • Recovery capacity

The test package includes:

  • Training history questionnaire and introduction video
  • Resting metabolic test on site
  • Active ramp test (running, cycling, step…) on site
  • personal consultation to discuss results on site or via zoom
  • report including caloric overview, fitness assessment and training suggestions sent via mail
  • PRICE: 150 euros

Testing is possible on site at our studio in Cerknica, Slovenia or at your preferred location (travel costs apply). To set up an appointment, please click below:

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