Our goal is to create a small and steady airflow with in order to reduce strain on the vocal folds and optimize your vocal performance. Our voice lessons include a thorough assessment of your breathing structures with MDH Breathing Coordination in order to find the best strategy for you. Myofascial release and laryngeal massage target areas of excessive tension in the vocal tract, which is especially important for professional singers or regular performers. Contact us if you:

  • Would like to learn more about breathing and absorption
  • Are a beginner and would like to find your singing voice without pushing or damaging it
  • Already have some experience but wish to improve your performance
  • Are a professional singer experiencing vocal fatigue or other problems or pain when singing
  • Have to sing for extended periods of time and wish to improve your efficiency
  • Are suffering from vocal damage or pain in your vocal structures, the jaw or tongue
  • Need help for interpretation of roles and songs
  • Suffer from stage fright

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