Singing lessons

What’s special about Voice up singing lessons?

Our main goal is for anyone to find their unique and healthy voice, no matter the style of music they would like to perform. Our lessons are based on :

  • basic but precise functional anatomy- we want you to understand what is happening inside your body when you use your voice in order for you to become as independent as possible
  • efficient breathing- in order to sing without forcing, we assess and improve your breathing mechanics (tension release and recoordination on a massage table, if needed laryngeal massage and/or myofascial release is added) at the beginning of each lesson
  • you choose your own programme- we teach classical as well as musical theatre, pop, jazz and other styles prioritizing vocal health and sustainability
  • all exercises are based on each student’s individual needs and choices of repertoire (no opera vocalises for pop singers and vice versa!)
  • we firmly believe that anyone can sing, no matter how old or how many times you might have heard that you can’t! We can’t promise to make the new Pavarotti or Beyonce of everyone, but each voice is unique and if you enjoy singing, that’s all it takes to have fun and learn something new.
  • we have a lot of experience in rehabilitating voices- so if your have vocal issues like nodules, edema or dysphonia, we are happy to work with you and your ENT in order to improve the situation and, if medically possible, avoid any invasive treatment or even surgery.

Lesson forms:

You can choose between several forms of lessons:

  • individual lessons (you are alone with the teacher, lessons last for 50-60 minutes, focus on your vocal technique and style)
  • group lessons (we can teach groups up to 4 singers, lessons last 60 minutes or longer, focus on vocal technique and style)
  • Vocal groups (4-10 singers, focus on learning to sing harmonies, being independent, develop your voice and ear)

Contact us if you are interested in a lesson!