Live Webinars

Sometimes, all we need is a little more information to get started. Our series of webinars is designed to teach you the basics of breathing in a simple and understandable way.

  • Why is breathing so important for our health and well-being?
  • Should we breathe through the nose or through the mouth?
  • What is “diaphragmatic breathing”?
  • How can we train our breathing system for better results in sports?
  • How does breathing impact our vocal performance?
  • How can we help our breathing system recover from diseases like COVID 19?
  • How can we learn to stay calm and focused using our breath?

All webinars last 60 minutes and are limited to 20 participants in order to make it possible for everyone to ask questions be part of the discussion.

They offer and easy and affordable way to get precise and science-based information to start off your journey with breath care.

Of course, we can also create webinars for existing groups! Let us know your needs and we will do our best to accomodate them. Barbara is happy to deliver the webinars in the following languages besides English: German, French, Italian and Slovenian.